There Is Love For Me

There is love for me
That fits my planes and angles
That moves with me as I curl and unfurl
There is love for me
That won’t get tangled in my hair
Or lose my scent across the desert
Or in the chill of winter air
Love that leaves room to grow and go and return
To ebb and flow and yearn
To love and love again
There is love that shows me to myself
With no want to change nor keep me
Love with sight to see into the strata of my being
There is love that lets my love wash over it
With no fear of being drowned
Love that my love amplifies like resonating sound
There is love that seeks and speaks to me
Near and far alike
That cares to share itself with me
And blossoms in my light
When sometimes I feel unloved and fated so to be
I tune into my own heart’s love where
There is love for me

April 2018

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