Ahhhh, hello, hello, welcome. It’s nice to be with you here on this virtual island in the vast sea of existence. Isn’t it something how two people can share a thought from such a physical and temporal distance? You and I may never have occupied adjacent physical space, and may never for as long as we are here in these lives, but here we are, now, connected through space and time by these powerful symbols we humans use to express our inner worlds. Wild!

Being a human is a bizarre, trecherous, excruciating, beautiful, and mysterious experience. This is a place for me to share my thoughts, musings, notes, strategies, insights, opinions, art, and any other bit of myself I wish to put out into the world for other humans to encounter and possibly interact with. I really don’t know what this life is all about, but the longer I go on, the more clear it becomes that genuine human connection is some of the best stuff in life, and genuine human connection starts with opening up and sharing of oneself.

Thank you for sharing some of your life with these words and, through them, with me.